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Reshape high-end service market

What's this BATA

It aims at reconstructing "people, commodities, scenarios, supply chains" and other elements to form a credible, open, shared, cultural and collaborative ecosphere through block chain technology, realizing resource aggregation and value circulation of various forms of commerce, and establishing a trusted distributed commerce with transparent, cooperative, efficient information and high-speed value transmission Environmental Science. credible rules, is expected to form a set of unattended value data exchange and trading system in the future, will bring human society to the digital trust economy era. Baxter Chain creates a low-fraud, highly credible business and economic environment based on block chain technology, guarantees the participants to complete the transaction at low cost and low risk, and the information can be traced and the problems can be traced. The foundation of the realization of trust economy is the comprehensive digitization of transaction information, which has a strong mechanism of data trustworthiness guarantee and verification.

Technical architecture

Baida's underlying architecture consists of six parts: data layer, network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer and application layer. Data layer encapsulates data blocks and related data encryption and timestamp technology as the bottom layer; network layer includes distributed networking mechanism, data propagation mechanism and data validation mechanism; consensus layer mainly encapsulates consensus algorithm of network nodes; incentive layer integrates economic factors into block chain technology system. The contract layer mainly includes various scripts, algorithms and intelligent contracts, which are the basis of the variable layer characteristics of the block chain. The application layer encapsulates various application scenarios and cases of Buda.

Core idea

① Baxter is a self-developed, high-performance block chain solution for yachts and other high-end consumption. Its underlying technical framework follows the specifications and standards of the Ethernet project, and a series of special modifications are made to the Baxter application scenarios. Baida adheres to the core characteristics of block chain decentralization, and always regards open source, anonymity, high efficiency, security and respect for users as the principles of project development and implementation.

②  The establishment of Baida system needs the effective cooperation of many functional components, such as network communication, block chain data structure, account status storage, transaction module, intelligent contract execution environment, consensus mechanism and so on. In the design, Baxter adheres to the scalable, high security architecture design, combined with its own load-bearing applications and future ecological construction considerations, each component has carried out a variety of considerations and independent expansion to support future richer applications.

③ In the future development, we will take into account the standards and openness, and create a perfect application chain.

Core team

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  • CEO

    One of the chief executives of Buda is responsible for global digital monetary policy research, global operations team building, global resource integration, community building, and compliance; graduated from Loughborough University, Warwick University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; has worked for UBS Group, HSBC, Bank of America Hong Kong Branch Yes, be familiar with the management of financial institutions. Profound understanding of wind control, regulations and financial markets of domestic and foreign financial institutions; familiar with global financial markets, including various financial products, digital currencies, block chains and supply chain finance. Rich experience in cross-border business and offshore architecture.

    Nathan Benaich

    Benaich is proficient in GPGPU computing, network, machine learning and block chain application. He has good technical level and practical experience in mining, supervising and innovating technology applications. Benaich has been the chief technology officer, project manager and IT supervisor of top IT companies in the world. Benaich is responsible for the design and development of Block Chain C software for Buda and plays a key role in the rapid development of Buda.

    Algernon Din

    Algernon, now chief operating officer of Baxter, is an investor with extensive experience in finance and securities trading. In the past few years, he has gained experience in more than 10 enterprises. Since 2011, it has been engaged in R & D of bitcoin and block chain. He was a member of the R3 (Banking Block Chain Alliance) Architecture Working Group, also advising Hewlett-Packard (the United States) and designing block chain solutions for the Federal Bank of America, active in the U.S. financial and banking industries. He knows public and private block chain technology and application very well.

development planning

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  • 2018 Q1

    Complete industry research and feasibility analysis. Complete the framework demonstration and establish the basic model.

    2018 Q2

    Complete the draft white paper V1.0. Complete the official version of the white paper V1.0.

    2018 Q3

    Distributed storage underlying module implementation. Complete the development of built-in wallet.

    2018 Q4

    The big data mining calculation model is introduced. Merchant API access.

    2019 Q1

    Start the global roadshow Russia - Japan - South Korea - Singapore - Switzerland.

    2019 Q3

    Launch the global strategy of digital assets + global tour asia station, and then land on major exchanges.

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